3 Secret Bars that you will love on a Night Out!

3 Secret Bars that you will love on a Night Out!

Hidden Bars have become a hit in cities all over the UK for one reason, they’re not mainstream.

All over Instagram, I’m seeing photos of Friends visiting some of the prettiest bars I have ever seen, but when I check them out of Google Maps, its down an alleyway. Now, to me this isn’t off putting, it’s actually really intriguing. I find it amazing how Creative Minds and Entrepreneurs come together to build amazing spaces/interiors from backstreet derelict units.

Today we’re going to go over 3 Hidden Bars in Nottingham that you may or may not have heard of.

1. Cucamara Bar

If you’ve lived in Nottingham for a long time, you definitely know about Cucamara; and if you don’t you’re lucky that you came across this article!

Cucamara Bar, located along Hurt’s Yard, is Nottingham’s Original Cocktail Bar. With a history that spans not years, but decades! With delicious 2-4-1 Cocktails and their well know “3some” Offer (1 Cocktail, 1 Shot and 1 Bomb for £5), Cucamara, or “Cucs” to the locals, just had to be on this list!

2. Boilermaker

This particular Bar really is a case of “If you know, you know”.

The Boilermaker, situated on Goose Gate in Hockley, is one of Nottingham’s Most Well Known Secret Bars, so secret in fact, many people have heard of it, but have absolutely no idea how to get in. (or is that just me the first time I went?)

If you’ve never been to the Boilermaker you really have missed out on their Cocktails! But don’t worry, that’s why NottsFood is here to help!

Above you can see an example of their delicious Creations; now the rest is up to you!

3. Lost Property

Usually when we think of going to the Lost Property, we get taken back to the Primary School days when we would lose our School Jumpers. I’m glad to say, Lost Property in Nottingham has nothing to do with School Jumpers!

Lost Property is part of Curious Venues, a family-owned group of Bars/Restaurants in the East Midlands. The group also operates Venues such as: Monty’s Bar and Social, The Curious Tavern, Ginsecco and more!

Lost Property can be found on Carlton St in the Hockley / Lace Market Area (opposite the old National Video Game Arcade Premises). With reviews on TripAdvisor describing the venue as “a gem of a find”, it’s no wonder the Curious Venues Family has grown so well!

It’s safe to say that Nottingham is full of creative genius; especially in the Hospitality Industry! With New Ventures popping up every week, we love to get involved and showcase the fantastic businesses of Nottingham!

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