Fighting Food Waste in Nottingham

Fighting Food Waste in Nottingham

Did you know that over 10 million tonnes of food waste is produced every year in the UK? This leads to millions of wasted meals every year. This type of waste, not only adds to the waste for our environment but also costs the average family £700 per year. However it is not just households that add to this waste, but also supermarkets, cafes and other big retailers. So how can you make a difference?

The TooGoodToGo movement has created a platform that aims to provide people and businesses to reduce the amount of food they end up throwing out, even when these would be perfectly fine to be eaten or used.

Get the app now and start being a hero!

All you have to do is download the app. Available for both Android via Google Play and iPhone via the App Store.

Once downloaded, all you need to do is register and put in your location to show your nearest ‘Magic Bag’. The Magic Bags contains a meal which has not been sold that day, is completely good to eat but otherwise would simply go in the bin. There are many restaurants that have already partnered up with TooGoodToGo including; Yo Sushi, Greene King Eateries, Planet Organic, Clean Cut Kitchen, Kaspa’s Desserts and many more. The deals give you meals for less than half the original price which saves you money whilst also saving the planet.

You can now download the app on both AppStore and Android via this link : https://toogoodtogo.co.uk/en-gb

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