Hockley Burger Restaurant Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Hockley Burger Restaurant Celebrates One Year Anniversary

From having one of the country’s “Most Badass burgers” to a collaboration with Nottingham’s Famous Doughnotts, it’s been one amazing year for this Broad St Burger Restaurant!

BOHNS Best Burgers, located on Broad St, celebrated the one year anniversary of their Grand Opening on Friday (25th Oct). BOHNS was founded back in 2018 by Oliver Bohn, Thomas Bohn, Jeffrey Neads and Tarvinder Singh; 4 Burger-Loving Entrepreneurs.

The Bohns Boys make all their Burger Rubs in-house! In fact, you can purchase your own “BOHNS Rubs” on their dedicated website: https://www.bohnsrubs.co.uk/ . Check our the Website, and you’ll find that the guys like to be creative when it comes to naming their Products.

Visitors on Broad St are gifted with the opportunity to enjoy a variety of Burgers, such as: The Steak Mate, The Peanut Butter Jelly and The Salad Dodger. With Vegetarians and Vegans having options such as: The Halloumi (V), The Beyond (V) and The Plant (VE).

Butt Massage, Breast Enhancer and Steak Mate are just a few examples of the names of their Rubs.

While the boys are famous for their Stacks; it’s not just Burgers that these guys are serving up! Freakshakes, Dirty Fries, Cookie Dough and Salads are also featured on the Menu!

Let’s take a look at some of the Restaurant’s Mouth-Watering Burger Shots! (see below)

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