Nottingham’s Homeless Crisis at Christmas

Nottingham’s Homeless Crisis at Christmas

Although it is the most wonderful time of the year, this cannot be said for everyone in Nottingham.

Whilst we are rushing around, looking for the perfect gift, its easy to forget the less fortunate. So here are some ways you could make someone else’s Christmas a little warmer and merry this Christmas:


Now, this isn’t only about donating money, but you can also donate old clothing, canned or long-life food. Clothing such as warm coats, long trousers, hats, scarves, sweaters and mittens as during the cold months (September-February) these are especially needed. Things like clean bed sheets, toys, towels and other items such as cleaning products for shelters are also helpful and will not break the bank (cheap cleaning products can be found in B&M or Aldi from as little as 0.49p). These are all things shelters need to buy but many people don’t even think of and therefore would be a massive help.

Take Part and Educate

Donating your time and taking part in various organisations fundraising events will allow shelters to have the money to provide beds for more people who are homeless. However the importance of raising awareness of homelessness and educating children and adults on the matter will help to destroy the highly negative and derogatory stigma behind being homeless. Homelessness could happen to anyone at anytime due to any unforeseen circumstances, and nobody deserves to have no roof over their head.  Organisations such as Framework, Emmanuel House and Tracy’s Street Kitchen in Nottingham are the main parties who aim to help the homeless.

Emmanuel House

Emmanuel House

You could choose to volunteer and give your time, the amount of time could vary whether it is a one off or an hour a week, it is up to you. Various roles include; Event planning and support, Donation sorting, Befriending, Charity shop, kitchen, Admin and Basic services. Apply online.


Framework Nottingham

Opportunities for volunteering is available at framework too, roles like, Befriending/Mentor, Office and reception workers. However other ways of helpings such as taking on challenges for donations is also an option, for example: Running the Ikano Robin Hood Marathon and collecting donations for framework.

Tracy’s Street Kitchen

Tracy’s Street Kitchen

The Three T’s. If you are into cooking and baking then share your Talents with Tracy’s Street Kitchen. You can also donate you Time to help distribute food to the rough sleepers and an option to donate your Treasure in the means of choosing to give the Kitchen a monthly donation that allows them to regularly and predictably plan meals. All donations will go towards helping rough sleepers as there are no paid staff!

Sharing: If all you do is share this article, even that will be a big help in raising awareness.

Thank you!

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