Pizza Hut launches KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza

Pizza Hut launches KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza

Now, I’m sure we can all agree that the idea of a Popcorn Chicken Pizza is absolutely amazing. But we need to know how to order it, when we can order it; all of the details, you know?

Two food giants broke the internet this Monday with the image below.

Unfortunately for those of you who like to eat in, the Popcorn Chicken Pizza is only available via Pizza Hut Delivery. And even more unfortunately for those who are planning to order, it’s temporarily sold out. But don’t let that phase you. You’re just going to have to keep an eagle eye out for when they restock.

It has been reported that over 20,000 orders were made for the pizza yesterday (launch day), so who knows how many of these wonder pizzas are going to be ordered and served over the next 12 days.

After all that, you’re going to be very disappointed to find out that you only have until February 16th before the Pizza disappears off of the menu forever.

So Foodies, if you like the sound of a Popcorn Chicken Pizza, you had better get a move on; before they’re all gone!

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