Volunteers feeding the Homeless every week!

Volunteers feeding the Homeless every week!

If you’re a Nottingham Resident, it’s likely that you’ve heard of Tracy’s Street Kitchen!

Tracy Dickinson runs a charitable Food Stall in Trinity Square twice a week. She launched the Project in 2016, two years later and she’s gained recognition throughout Notts for her incredible work and inspiring story. Every Friday Evening, up to 15 volunteers server around 100-200 meals to Homeless Men and Women.

Her inspiration to start the project actually came from her own experiences of living on the street for 4 years after running away from foster care due to physical, mental and sexual abuse.

Tracy’s Street Kitchen in action!

“When you’re on the streets, people think you’ve done it to yourself,” she says. “That’s the worst thing, because it can be just circumstances. It could be because of a marriage or relationship break-up or a family breakdown; it could be that somebody’s lost a job and then lost their house as well; it could be that they literally just hit rock bottom and had no one to help them. But it’s hardly ever a choice.” (Quoted from Stylist.co.uk)

Over the 2016/17 period, 59,110 people were considered homeless, this is a 9% increase over the 2014/15 numbers. It’s pretty clear to see that Homelessness is on the rise. We must all give thanks to people like Tracy, who have taken matters into their own hands and have decided to bring some good into the world, one hot meal at a time.

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